CDE College

37 Wellington street N.,
Sherbrooke (Quebec),
Canada, J1H 5A9

DLI#: O19338281175

About Us

 CDE College is a EduCanada brand authorized institution. EduCanada is a brand that supports the international education offerings of Canada’s provinces and territories.

CDE College is a private educational institution accredited by the Quebec Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sports, offering programs in business administration and information technology.

CDE College offers programs that are accredited by the Ministry of Education, but the curriculum is also enhanced in part through consultation with CDE’s employer-partners: companies and organizations that offer feedback on the specific skillsets they require from prospective recruits, which CDE helps students attain.

The Vision & Mission

With many programs to choose from CDE is committed to offering programs and training designed to meet the needs of employers across the region and Quebec. It is their goal to make CDE graduates sought after by employers.