M College of Canada

8550 Newman Boulevard, Suite 8564,
LaSalle, Montreal (Quebec),
Canada, H8N 1Y5.

DLI#: O142824217682

About Us

M College of Canada is a EduCanada brand authorized institution. EduCanada is a brand that supports the international education offerings of Canada’s provinces and territories.

M College of Canada is located in the LaSalle borough of the city of Montreal. LaSalle is adjacent to the downtown core of the city and connected to its comprehensive public transit system. Students will study in a vibrant and exciting campus in a multicultural area of the city.

The Vision & Mission

M College of Canada was founded on the principle that education can change the world. It is our goal to give every student that chooses M the chance to change their world and master their future. M College of Canada is operated by a team of education professionals who believe that opportunity is the greatest gift one can receive and education is your passport to a world of possibilities.

At M College of Canada, we believe in helping each student actualize their potential. We believe in helping students achieve a bright future through education and equipping them with the tools they need to enter the workforce confidently and ready to meet all challenges. Our team is passionate about the learning process and works tirelessly to innovate and cement M College of Canada’s position as an industry leader