Process Oriented

Admission Processing Our onsite inhouse qualified admissions processing team strives to process applications in 2 business days, enabling agents to confidently connect with prospective students

Finance Processing Our trained finance team works in close collaboration with the management team to process all transactions with agility and precision and within stipulated timelines


Our Commitment to Quality

Learning and Development Robust training is provided to our inhouse staff to address Partner needs

Dedicated Relationship Managers We have dedicated Relationship Managers for our Partner colleges to be able to better understand the needs of our Partners and Associates and to provide real time solutions for any existing issues

Onsite and offshore proximity We have adopted a blended mix of onsite and offshore staff mix to address to the diverse needs of our Partners and Associates. This also helps us in addressing any emergency situation in a timely manner

World class technology We have adopted world class technology platforms for data repository, storage, confidentiality, and privacy

Post Landing Services to students to boost their confidence to enable Agents

Airport Pick-up FREE Airport Pickup with customized (institution specific) booth at Airport.

Language Courses (French) Enrolment Inbound students are assisted in enrolling for language courses

Free Accommodation Quarantine and Post Quarantine: BWEG provides FREE Isolation for our partner institutions’ student for 14 days during the ongoing pandemic and further two months of free accommodation post quarantine accommodation to enable them in their initial settlement time.

Free Meals, Common Medicines, Healthcare access The students are provided free meals and common medicines during the quarantine accommodation along with access to a registered nurse.

Emotional and Personal Help The student services coordinator teams of BWEG are connected with the students and remain available 24by7 for inbound students to address any general query and provide assistance during their initial settlement period.

Partner Development

Training Virtual and in person Counselling sessions are provided by our onsite and offshore trained professional for continuously sharing details of our partner institution programs, recent updates, etc.

Marketing Support We provide on demand and co-branded marketing material including student testimonials, standees, videos, etc. to support to our Partners and Associates for displaying in their office premises and on social media platforms.

Participation in Fair We co-partner with our Partners and Associates in their online and physical educational fairs to ensure success of their events